Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SPOILER ALERT! Also: why this blog?

If you've read any of Nevada Barr's accounts of my adventures, you know that I tend to get pretty beat up, so I decided to create this blog to keep track of my many injuries.
Be aware that  the injury lists for each of my adventures may contain spoilers!  I suggest you read the book before checking the injury list.
In addition, please feel free to contact me with your injury list(s) for novels not yet listed and/or corrections to posted injury lists.

Track of the Cat

dislocated left shoulder
badly bruised abdomen
cut left hand
cracked collarbone x2 (reinjured later in book)
slight concussion
severe contusions on hands, legs, & torso

A Superior Death

Ha! You thought I'd escape unscathed in this one - I didn't get nailed until close to the end of the book!

10 inch laceration across chest
the bends
several hangovers

Ill Wind

knocked in back of neck and temple by iron chain
numerous scratches and sore back from crawling around wrecked truck
struck in shoulder, shins,  and arm by pipe wrench
deep gouge in ribs
burned and temporarily blinded by acid and fumes


I reveal that I broke my leg in second grade
No major injuries!
Superficial cuts, burns, scrapes, aches, pains

Endangered Species

minor cuts/bruises/burns from exploding plane
struck with butt of shotgun behind left ear
extreme marijuana intoxication (after effects include disorientation, lethargy)
numerous chigger bites
bruised throat
boot kick to right ear
blows to belly and face
severe bruise to inner thigh (which leg?)  caused by shrapnel from something struck by a bullet

Blind Descent

anxiety attacks from claustrophobia
badly bruised left shoulder from fall
twisted ankle, hurt foot from gunshot striking bottom of boot
minor cuts, bruises, etc.

Liberty Falling

fall on right shoulder (from collapsing stairs)
large gash on leg  from hem of shorts to knee
anxiety attack
blow to meaty part of shoulder
boot heel to temple
crushing weight forces me to ground face first
boot print bruise on back  below right shoulder
severe cramp in water
almost drowning

Deep South

left ankle smacked by alligator tail
moderate to severe soft tissue injuries to neck and shoulders
cracked left humerus bone
traumatized left eardrum (not ruptured)
abraisions and contusions
two black eyes
loose teeth
(thanks to Nevada for listing my injuries on p. 309)

Blood Lure

Cut on left shoulder: "shallow and only three or four inches long. Enough to break the skin and tear down a few layers but nothing more." (p 53)
"Banged... head on rock and gone unconscious..." (292)  
"Cut below left ear where she'd collided with a rock" (293)
Badly bruised kneecap

Hunting Season

fire ant bite on wrist
scratched forearm
bruised knee
sore shoulder muscle  (thanks, Nevada, for the list on p. 83)
shoulder ache from striking sidewalk
roughed up by Randy Thigpen

High Country

cracked bone in ankle from bullet ricochet  (re-cracked later in book)
assorted scratches & bruises & scrapes
minor frostbite on heel of hand
burned fingers
rapped on skull with handgun
rapped on knuckles with handgun
left side of face swollen from repeated strikes with handgun